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Speaker: Peter Mooring
Peter Mooring is Director of STOPEG Foundation (STOP Electronic weapons and Gang stalking). STOPEG was founded in 2007 to support victims and expose these crimes.
Surviving the mind prison, organized stalking and electronic harassment
Peter Mooring: An important way to deal with these attacks is 'to break the feedback loop'. Our attackers send signals to us and observe our responses (feedback). If we can 'disturb' these responses then the attackers do not exactly know what they are doing and the attacks will become less effective.
In many cases we cannot do much, but there are certainly things we can do. One is to never react immediately to stimuli like a remark, an incoming phone call, a Skype chat message but instead delay your reaction a random time, or react not at not. If you find this difficult then e.g. use a dice to delay a number of minutes, 1 is one minute, 2 is two minutes, etc. We should also research random noise generators to disturb the frequency signals that are being used to observe us.

A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here (Powerpoint).

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Below is a summary of Peter Mooring's lecture.

It is not difficult to accept that are mechanisms in our society that try to suppress the truth. Whistleblowers, investigative journalists, activists are all being watched, and may become targeted for short or long periods. The closer to the truth and to exposing their knowledge to large groups of people, the more they are in danger from being silenced. We read in the news that they got a heart attack, committed suicide. The thought that they probably have been murdered is unacceptable with the way we have been programmed since we were born with democratic values and respect for the rule of law. Let alone we are able to think who may have planned and executed this.
Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment are methods used to manipulate, incapacitate, torture and murder. They are part of the system that is controlling the population. A small part of the population is attacked with these methods and weapons to keep the system in control, to test new methods and weapon systems. Many are almost random victims, some are unware, most are not understanding what it is that is attacking them, they never learned about this, never read about this. The survivors call themselves Targeted Individuals. Without the internet you would never have heard of them.

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The conference is part of the TI-EVENT-2014, a single day event to bring together the targeted individuals from all over Europe. It aims at creating more awareness on the covert crimes committed against them and humanity.
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