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Speaker: Mojmír Babáček
Mojmír Babáček is a writer from the Czech Republic. He published several well-known articles about mind control and mind control technology.
The Ways to Defeat the Secrecy surrounding the existence of mind control technology
Mojmir Babacek is looking for information and for people to monitor certain activities of governments, see below. He can be contacted by sending an email to:

Below is the full text of Mojmir Babacek's lecture.


Written by Mojmír Babáček, November 2014.
Edited by Rudy Andria, December 2014.

There has been in the past decade an obvious tendency in world politics to place the struggle for power above the struggle for democracy. This can be exemplified by the current situation in Ukraine. You probably know that in the recent elections the majority of eastern Ukrainians did not vote for parties promoting Ukrainian membership in the European Union. Yet, both democratic European Union and the USA support the war of western Ukrainians against their eastern compatriots, while democratic Russia supports eastern Ukrainians in the war against western Ukrainians. Isn’t this an evidence that in the contemporary world democracy is not the priority for the power elites and financial entities behind them?

The issue of the classification of mind control technologies is part of this policy of favoring power to the detriment of democracy. There would be no reason to hide those technologies from people if we were living in a world where democracy would prevail.

The fact that mind control technologies are classified is the reason why mind control technologies can be used on innocent people. Governments are perfectly aware of the fact that once the citizens know that their governments are in possession of the technology which can be used to control the citizens' thinking and bodily functions, they would demand an immediate and verifiable ban of those technologies. Knowing that governments are in possession of such technologies is tantamount to knowing that democracy no longer exists. Consequently, our effort to disseminate information on the existence of this technology among people is an effort to save democracy and the salvation of democracy can also be defined as a goal of this conference.

For the victims of experimentation with those technologies, the classification of those technologies is the major obstacle to regaining freedom and good health. Once the technology meant for the remote control of the human nervous system is declassified, the only possible thing to do next is the promulgation of a law banning the use of those technologies and the setting up of some teams in a position to measure and detect harmful radiations and their sources. Targeted victims will then be able to demand that the use of those technologies against them should be controlled and that their torture be put to an end. The major problem is that so far only very few people are affected by those radiations and they have no chance to prevail in democratic processes since they are few in number.

There are several ways of attracting loads of people's attention to the issue of mind control technologies andto make lawmakers and government officials work towards the ban of the use of radiations on the nervous system:

The first approach is to disseminate convincing evidence on the existence of mindcontrol technology via the Internet. There is a certain amount of published scientific experiments proving that pulsed microwaves can produce effects on the nervous system including auditory hallucinations and microwave hearing. This scientific evidence can be supported by information from the Defence Ministries' websites of the NATO states which are involved in the development of non-lethal weapons. This weaponry includes radiofrequency weapons acting on the nervous system as is stated in the European Parliament's "Crowd Control Technologies” report A case in point is the Defence Ministry's site of the Czech Republic where we may read: “High frequency electromagnetic radiation… disrupts the activity of the brain and the central nervous system. The effect is perceived by the individual both as an unbearable painful sensation of intense hum and squeaking accompanied by anxiety and uneasiness depending on the precise conditions and parameters of the signal”. In order to hide this information from the Czech public this article, apparently, is no longer directly accessible on the Czech Defence Ministry's site, although you may still find it, if you know the exact address of the article Further evidence of the fact that at least certain governments are in possession of mind control technologies can be found in political actions aimed either at the ban of mind control technologies or at their military use.

Russia was proposing the ban of radio wave weapons which it considered to be weapons of mass destruction in the U.N. Committee on Disarmament as far back as 1986. The only negative vote on the committee was cast by the USA, so there was no ban of those weapons. In 1998 Russia addressed the United Nations, the OSCE and the European Council with a proposal for an international convention banning the development and use of informational weapons. There were then four bills proposing the ban of mind control technologies in the Russian Parliament. The European Union cooperated with Russia in the following year and in 1999 the European Parliament passed the resolution calling for the ban of human beings' manipulation. Russia and the European Union obviously cooperated in order to prevent advances in the setting up of the American HAARP system which can apparently be used to manipulate the nervous system of entire populations. Clearly, the convention banning the development and use of informational weapons once again was not signed, because of the USA's reluctance. Quite the opposite, they managed to convince the European Union states to accept the development of non-lethal weapons in their military doctrines and to abandon their efforts to ban mind control technologies. In 2001 Dennis J. Kucinich opposed the decision of the U.S. government to keep their mind control technologies and presented to the U.S. Congress the Space Preservation Act demanding, among others, the ban of those technologies. However, his efforts did not last long. After the long silence on this issue, when in 2012 Russia faced the danger that its nuclear weapons would no longer pose a threat to the USA, it chose the opposite line of action and Russian Defence Minister declared that psychotronic weapons were part of the Russian state's arms procurement program for the 2011 to 2020 time period

Those governments and members of parliaments' actions together with the above-mentioned scientific publications present convincing evidence that the devices which make it possible to remotely manipulate the human body's functions and brain activity do indeed exist.

The trouble is that if you gather this kind of evidence and publish it on the Internet - since no big media dare to publish classified information - your publication on the Internet is bound to be targeted by government agencies. Here's a case in point again: when I published the article "How Far in the Future is the Ban of Psychotronic Weapons", all messages referring to my international webpage were blocked and treated as spams on Facebook and as malware on Twitter. My webpages connected with this information both in Czech and English languages got removed from the Internet. Obviously, western secret services and more especially those from America did not wish any event like the Arab Spring to happen in the western hemisphere countries. We would need some task on a regular basis to expose the government agencies' activities to the Internet public. It would mean recording the sites with a camera when the information is placed on the Internetand recording them as well, when they are no longer available or when any data referring to them has been blocked on Facebook or Twitter. The videos which show the government agencies' dealings should then be placed on YouTube, together with the new webpage address of the text in question. The whole story should also be described in a few articles on the Internet. To avoid repression from the state agencies, this task should be done by a group of people and not by only one person. This would be the way of having loads of people realize that the state agencies are hiding from them their possession of the technologies meant for the remote control ofthe human mind and body. If anyone wants to take part in this effort, please send an email to my address

The second way of fighting the secrecy surrounding weapons enabling remote control of the nervous system is informing members of parliaments about the existence of those technologies. Most of them apparently do not have the security clearances to get this kind of information. I have talked to two members of the Czech Parliament but clearly enough, none of them was aware of the possibility of remotely controlling the nervous system. It could then be taken for granted that since they have never heard of the existence of mind control technologies, they cannot feel obliged to ban their use. However, we do know that members of parliaments usually do not care about the issues the general public does not care about.
So public pressure for the ban of mind control technologies is necessary to make members of parliaments feel obliged to work toward this goal. MP’s should be addressed individually, we should make sure they have received the information and citizens should know which MP’s have been informed. Again, this should be done only by an organized group of people and it should be the same group of people who should try to inform the general public. A list strictly dedicated to this task should be published on the Internet.

The third way of making governments and legislative bodies enact a law banning mind control technology and to set up teams of people who are in a position to detect those harmful radiations is presenting the evidence of such technology's feasibility to the constitutional courts and to demand the verifiable ban of the development, possession and use of technologies which can remotely manipulate the nervous system. The problem is that constitutional courts are usually not authorized to propose new legislation. The Czech Republic's Constitutional Court does not have this right so far. The only way around this is to file a lawsuit in a regular court. In case this court denies the action, then challenge its decision with the constitutional court. The trouble is that to file a meaningful lawsuit we need irrevocable evidence. Hopefully, such irrevocable evidence can be possible with the use of various detection devices.
Irrevocable evidence is evidence developed in a scientific way. Most detectors available on the market are able to detect frequencies up to 8 GHz. Most scientists experimenting with the effects of pulsed microwave radiation on the human brain have come to a conclusion that carrier microwave frequencies above 3 GHz do not have any effects. The reason is that the higher the microwave frequency is, the faster it is absorbed in the human tissue and for that reason, it does not go deep enough into the brain to produce any effects there. Yet, there are windows with frequencies above 3 GHz where electromagnetic waves would go deep enough into the brain tissue to produce effects on the nervous system. Those so-called frequencies include the red light frequencies and near infrared light. The red light with 620 to 750 nanometers wavelength goes 1 centimeter deep into the brain tissue and is able to affect about one quarter of the brain grey matter. The near infrared light with 700 to 800 nanometers wavelength normally goes 3 to 4 centimeters deep into the tissue, but when the geometrical waveform of near infrared light is changed, this light can be made to go to 20 centimeters deep into the human tissue. Red and near infrared lights' going into the human tissue is explained by the fact that the average wavelength of the cell tissue's activity in the human body ranges between 600 nanometers and 720 nanometers which match frequencies of red and infrared light. There are studies suggesting the ability of near infrared light to affect the activity of nerve fibres (pg.6).

To make the nervous system more likely to be controlled by pulsed frequencies of light, no microchips are needed. Scientists have developed viruses which can most likely make neurons react to pulsed frequencies of light So, to make a human being likely to get his nervous system manipulated, you only need to make him eat some contaminated food or have him get vaccinated. Just two examples: one of the pioneers of this research, Gero Miesenbock cut off the head of a fly and then used the pulsed light to make its body fly and it did fly Another one, Carl Diesenroth, had a mouse run and made it turn only to the left with the use of pulsed light

However, red and near infrared lights do not go through walls and other optical barriers, and for that reason, they cannot continuously manipulate the nervous system. The red light is visible and could be detected rather easily. We often wonder whether the same viruses which can make neurons react to light may make them react to microwave frequencies from 100 Megahertz to 3 Gigahertz, which go into the human brain. If this cannot be done, contemporary science is most likely able to develop viruses which may make neurons react to microwave frequencies as well. The frequencies of near infrared light, which is invisible, can be detected by special detectors We may also wonder whether waveforms of frequencies above 3 GHz can be altered to make them go into the human tissue. Detectors of frequencies used by NATO (20 - 40 GHz) can be found on Internet

Extensive experimentation with the available devices should be carried out when searching for evidence of the use of the so-called “psychoactive” pulsed microwave frequencies on human beings. If this evidence is found, it should be presented to the media and the courts. Such evidence should be sufficient reason for them todemand legislation banning the possession and use of mind control technologies by private individuals as well as by organizations and government agencies. It is obvious that the media as well as the courts will want to check the evidence in some scientific laboratories. For that purpose, it is worth asking such laboratories to check the evidence, even before it is presented to the media or the courts. Most scientists are open-minded and receptive enough when facing convincing video-recorded evidence, so they may be quite willing to check everything with their precision instruments.

Now what is meant by "convincing evidence"? According to various studies, the power density of electromagnetic radiation in the cities is most of the time no more than 5 microwatts per square centimeter. However, in an Indian city the measurement has happened to reach 1mw per square centimeter. Most scientists who experimented with the effects of microwave radiation on human organisms have agreed that the necessary power density does not exceed 10 mW per square centimeter. In Allen Frey's experiment with microwave auditory effect, the average power density has varied for different frequencies and pulse widths from 0.4 mW per square centimeter to 7.1 milliwat per square centimeter. In Ross Adey’s experiments with calcium efflux from the nervous system, the efflux has occurred only within the range of power density from 0.1 to 1mW per square centimeter. In other units he got the best results when using the intensity of electromagnetic field of 10 V per meter and 56 V per meter. Given that the power density of mind control frequencies is close to electromagnetic smog in the cities, it is advisable to take the power-density measurements outside the cities. The measurements should be taken as far away as possible from cell phone antennas and from power lines underneath which the intensity of electromagnetic field may reach 100 V per meter. They should also be taken as far away as possible from high voltage power lines underneath which the intensity of electromagnetic field may reach 10.000 V per meter. The individual being measured should approach the measuring individual in such a way as that the measuring individual could see through his video-recording whether the power density is rising with the approaching individual who is being measured. The experiment should be repeated several times. The device for the measurement in Volts per meter of intensity of electromagnetic fields in frequencies from 5 Hz to 400 KHz (more accurately 1 microwatt per square centimeter) and power density of electromagnetic fields in frequencies from 300 Megahertz to 2000 Megahertz (2 Gigahertz) in milliwats per square centimeter is the Electromagnetic Radiation Detector DT-1180 which can be found on the Internet and can be bought for 21 U.S. dollars.

As for frequency counters it is rather impossible to find evidence of microchips both inside and outside the city, due to the overwhelming presence of electromagnetic waves in the modern environment. But there are caves or ancient mines accessible to the public, where electromagnetic waves in microwave frequencies do not penetrate. The staff at those sites does not object to performing measurements in their facilities. If the chip is not getting its energy from the outside antenna, it should still be working, even when it is in a cave or a mine. It should be measured with a frequency counter and also with a device which can measure the power density. Please note that the Aceco FC-6002 Mk2 frequency counter which can record frequencies up to 6 Gigahertz can be bought for 149 euros. The measurements should be recorded on a camera. They should also be repeated on the same spot without the measured individual's presence and on a person who is not claiming to be targeted by brain control radiation. The measurements should be repeated several times in front of the camera. The video recordings should be then presented to scientists who have access to electromagnetically shielded rooms and they should be asked to check the presence of the chip with their equipment. The scientific evidence should then be presented to the media and the courts. To save money one could start by buying only the electromagnetic radiation detector. If any of you may find the evidence, would you be so kind as to let me know at my e-mail address

There is one more experiment which could be worth trying, though it would not bring out any objective evidence. We should try and see to which extent the experience of an individual who claims to be targeted would change when the magnetic field where he is changes. When Ross Adey carried out his experiments with calcium efflux from neurons, other scientists found out that they had to use microwave pulses frequencies different from Ross Adey's, so as to obtain the same results. When searching for the reason for this phenomenon, they found out that the variations of the strength of the earth's magnetic field at the locations of their experiments were responsible for the variations in effective pulse frequencies in their experiments. Finally, Ross Adey placed next to a chicken some brains he was experimenting with a Helmholtz coil, which cut in half the earth magnetic fields. Now, to cause the efflux of calcium from neurons he needed a frequency of microwave pulses of 30 Herz instead of pulse frequency of 15 Herz. The explanation for this phenomenon is the cyclotron resonance. For this purpose, it would be important to see if the experience of a targeted person would change in the presence of a strong artificial magnetic field or Helmholtz coil. In the 70’s of the past century the hairdryers' helmets produced magnetic fields of about 30 Gauss. The strength of the earth magnetic field varies from 0,25 to 0,65 Gauss. If the current hairdryers' helmets still produce strong magnetic fields, it would be worth seeing if the experience of a targeted person would change, when he or she is drying his/her hair in the helmet. If not, it would be worth a try to buy the oldfashion helmet. Should the experience of several people claiming to be targeted change on account of the earth’s magnetic field, then this would be a definite proof that those people are subjected to the effects of pulsed microwave radiation. So there only remains to find the carrier frequency used against those individuals. If any of you try it, please let me know the results at Another way of experiencing a strong artificial magnetic field would be getting the opportunity to be checked with magnetic resonance which usually takes over half an hour. Solenoid would work as well.

There should be a list on the Internet which should be strictly dedicated to scientific research concentrating on the possible use of pulsed electromagnetic waves on human beings.

I came across a proposal from Chinese scientists on the Internet some eight years ago. It was about developing a direct brain to brain communication with the use of the concept of non-local electron and photon connection. This concept of quantum physics states that when two electrons or photons meet, their reactionsbecome coupled, no matter how far away from each other they are. There is strong likelihood that if the photons and electrons in two brains or in a single brain and a neurocomputer are made to meet, the two brains or a single brain and a neurocomputer will become intertwined. As we have previously seen, the near infrared light can be made to go 20 centimeters deep into the brain. This could be possibly the way to make the photons in two brains meet and to interconnect one brain with the other brain or with the computer simulating brain activity. I do realize that detecting such a malicious act coming from some government organizations is rather impossible once it is done. We may rightly wonder whether the weapons using unknown physics concepts may include them. Please note that the Russians have recently announced the development of such concepts. The possible defence against this kind of manipulation of the human brain could be the replacement of ”acquainted" photons in the brain by new photons, through a long exposure to near infrared light. If anybody tries it, it would be worth getting the near infrared light generator to go 20 cm deep into the tissue with adjusted waveshape. Please make sure that it does not generate near infrared light which warms up the tissue and could cause brain damage. The near infrared light warms up the tissue only at 0.2 degree Celsius. If anybody tries this, please let me know the results at

As a conclusion, I would like to stress once again that in modern days, with the incredible advances science and technology are making, the ban on accessing the human brain with various radiations from the part of governments and malicious organizations or individuals should be written in the constitutions of all the countries worldwide. Otherwise, the concepts of the independence of a human being and democracy would be destroyed.

At the present time the major obstacle to reaching this goal is the struggle of the USA and its financial and corporate elites to achieve global power rather than sharing it with Russia, with the European Union and with other democratic countries including China. If the human world is supposed to have any humanistic and democratic future, the struggle for world domination by individual governments must definitely be put to an end.

Written by Mojmír Babáček, November 2014.
Edited by Rudy Andria, December 2014.

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