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Victims/testimonals: Lisa Krylova and others
Lisa Krylova and others are from Russia. They represent the Moscow Housing Ecology Committee.
Mind control including electronic torture in Russia
Moscow Housing Ecology Committee website:

Below is the article on their website, part of which was presented during the conference:

Psychophysical weapon

       The mankind enters Into the third millennium with the new modern weapon. For development of new kind of the weapon, information weapon (its component psychophysical weapon (PPW), new achievements in a science, engineering, medicine, genetics and digital information and communication technologies were used.

       PPW can be used to all organized structures in military and a peace time, in individual and global scales, is open and latent and even without comprehension by people of the fact of an attack (1).

      Basic hit factors PPW are:
      Latent of application.
      Distant transfers, and also transfer on a household apparatus and communications.
      Selectivity (an orientation on concrete alive object or objects).
      " Ecology " influences (an opportunity of safety of an environment, buildings and constructions).
      Profitability of development and manufactures etc.

       PPW amazes the person. being a basis of all person-machine complexes. (2,3,4,5) Person represents energy information the biosystem (2,3,4,5), in which there are complex biochemical processes with a range of frequencies from 0-100 Ggz (6). So bodies work in low-frequency area 0-50 Gz, the groups of cells forming fabrics, in kilogerz a range, cells "communicate" in a millimetre wave band 40-70 Ggz. Energy information the exchange of chemical and biological and wave character inside an organism and with an environment is carried out by genetic program DNO and nervous system.

       The most universal target for PPW is the brain of the person which adjusts functioning all systems of an organism, carries out thought processes and defines behaviour of the person. The brain works in a range of 4 kinds of " brain waves ".

       The most part of day the brain works in a range B - waves 14-20 gz. There are three more such as " brain waves ": the A- wave 8 - 13 gz - perception of training, an easy relaxation. teta _ waves 4 - 7 gz _ ideas - images, programming of subconscious, a deep relaxation, meditation. Delta - waves 0 3gz - dream, dreams, make active of immune system. Ranges of own fluctuations of a brain of the person, and also organs, substance and cells were taken into account by development PPW.

       The psychophysical weapon includes:

       The psychotropic weapon - the pharmacological means of chemical and biological character having a range of own fluctuations, equivalent to rhythms of a brain and the central nervous system, and thereof influencing functioning of a brain. (it is an alpha, teta and delta of a wave).

       The suggestion weapon - means and the methods influencing subconscious and a physical condition connected to it of the person.

       The psychotronic weapon - means and methods technogenic influences on a physical condition and the consciousness of the person which is taking into account ranges of frequencies of functioning of separate bodies and a brain.

       The combined methods and means - using various combinations of previous kinds PPW.

       The psychotropic weapon influences a brain and the central nervous system, changing mental, emotional and behaviour functions of the person, having depressive or stimulating an effect

       The majority of them operates in a wave band of a brain, modifying consciousness, a physical and mental condition of the person as rage infringements. These are depressions, fears, alarms, anger and malice, except for that impellent infringements as block or excitation, frustration of perception of thinking, hallucination, change of rates of thinking, crazy ideas, change of the person.

       There is a list of psychotropic substances and the narcotics subject to the control in the Russian Federation, and also the appropriate lists of the international conventions. The Viennese convention of 1971 and the Convention of the United Nations of 1988 provide the rigid control of a revolution of psychotropic substances. For illegal circulation of psychotropic substances the criminal liability is stipulated.

       Amazing factors of the psychotropic weapon - reserve, selectivity, "humanity", ecology, profitability. Lack is contact , however, now are developed distance methods of carry of psychotropic substances. The basic methods and means of protection are the control of water and food stuffs, means of hygiene and subjects of a life, collective leadership.

       The suggestion weapon - group of methods and means suggestion (information- suggestion) influences on subconscious of the person in a range of a brain teta - waves 5-7 Gz and an alpha of waves 8-13 Gz. Influence is carried out by two ways - in the usual and changed conditions of consciousness .

       a) in a usual condition of consciousness suggestion influence is carried out latent to Object the "necessary" information given out on a background of other messages. For this purpose as the masking information the information latent suggestion messages is used Юudio or video. The most complex is neurolinguistic programming (NLP) which is carried out by selection of a key to subconscious of the person with use of touch channels _ visual, acoustical flavour, olfactory. At NLP there is a programming the central nervous system by creation of new stereotypes of thinking, behaviour etc. NLP copy patterns of behaviour, belief, ability from one person in a brain of another, thus there is a change of the person. At latent violent NLP from people make murderers, prostitutes, blue, drunkards, addicts who then get in prisons, psycho and narcotic clinic

       . b) subconscious of the person influence after his introduction in the changed condition of consciousness (an alpha and teta-waves). For this purpose hypnosis (getero and autohypnosis) and psycho trainings (getero and auto-trainings) is used. The operator inspires of person the necessary formula of behaviour . The person turns in whose hostage of will.

       The psychotronic weapon - is methods and means technogenic influences on the person, to them concern:
      a) means of presentation of the not realized acoustic information
     b) devices of presentation of the not realized visual information
      c) generators electromagnetic radiations and the MICROWAVE of a range.
      d) Generators of special radiations, computer technologies and other engineering. With the help of these means it is carried out psychophysical influence on an organism of the person, or on a background of program actions psychological capture of the person with the subsequent his consciousness and behaviour will be carried out

       a) acoustic small rhythmical signals change functioning bodies (intimate reductions, a rhythm of breath etc., Thus peak or spectral masking will be carried out. For the same purposes the ultrasound or an infrasound is used. Infrasound 16 Gz-weak 120 Db signals make sick nausea, deterioration of sight, the fear, the fatigues, psychological shifts etc. At intensity 130 Db - frustration of a gastroenteric path, hearing, the vestibular device, a headache, cough, deterioration of sight. At intensity 180 Db - cardiac arrest, damage of a brain and intimately vascular system. Ultrasonic fluctuations 20 kGz small intensity negatively influence thought processes and nervous system, causes headaches, dizzinesses, frustration of sight and breath, a convulsion, switching-off of consciousness. Ultrasonic pulses are applied to withdrawal of the information from memory, can cause cardiac arrest, a violent death. The ultrasound is used for oppression of immune system and suppression of will.

       b) Visions and words, have suggestion influence as "gluing in" single suggestion the staff who operates on subconscious in a stream of the visual information. Color influence which has physiological influence is used also: green color calms, blue-violet -oppresses, lulls, purple causes a proof and irritation .Organized in the special image color dynamical influences can be effective reception of updating of consciousness, behaviour and a physical condition of the person.

       c) generators of electromagnetic radiations are one of most perspective means PPZ. On alive objects the set of publications of the theoretical and experimental plan is devoted to influence electromagnetic radiations . (2,6,7,10) These works testify, that electromagnetic radiations the big intensity render mainly thermal influence. Radiations of a millimetric range (30-300Ggz) and centimetric (3-30 Ggz) cause basically superficial burns of a skin and an eyes, and radiation of a decimeter range (0,3-4 Ggz ) will penetrate more deeply, internal bodies .Particular danger represent ionic radiations which are not felt as sense organs of the person . Ionic radiations have memory action and cause formation of chemically active free radicals which break regeneration of cells and liquid environments of an organism, change functions regulate systems, cause change of immune and genetic systems of an organism .Of electromagnetic radiations information influences of small intensity are especially effective (for the MICROWAVE of a field - 10-11 mWt/sm-2) .

       Electromagnetic fields of the MICROWAVE are considered, as data carrier in a low-frequency modulating component which takes root into a brain and influences behavioural functions of the person (8). This opens the broadest prospects at use PPW. It is established, that weak chaotic influence of an electromagnetic field results in oppression of intellectual activity of the person, to "devastation" of his consciousness that promotes use of other methods of influence and enables uses electromagnetic suggestion. Thus the big range of action and a cover zone and with out sense the mechanism of influence.

       d) On the basis of generators of the MICROWAVE various generators of special radiations (torcionic, leptonic and others, named psychtronics), working on cellular, molecular and nuclear levels are created. the MICROWAVE small signals operate on information system DNA in which programs on development and a survival of an organism of the person, his separate systems and cells are coded. Any infringement results programs DNA dependent on non-authorized internal or external influences of chemical and biological or wave character in mutations which are handed down. Together with the radiating equipment computers with the software which automatically connects the equipment of the given range of frequencies see tab are used.


  Frequency electromagnetic fields

   the Level 

    Biological action on an organism

  6-20 Gz

  300-700 Gz '

  10-100 Kgz

  10 Wt/sm2 

  the Maximal sensitivity of a brain,regulation of biorhythmsA resonance with biocurrents of a brain, infringement of functions of a cardiac musle. Jump of specific conductivity of a biological  

  1-100 Mgz 

  0,1 Wt/sm2 

  Effect of " a pearl string " - forming eritrozits and leukocytes on a field. Change of a level encyphalogramma 

  800  - 1200 Mgz 

  100 mkWt/sm2

  Heating of deep departments of a brain, heating temporal shares,   haemodynamicel infringements in peripheral blood circulation. 

  460 Mgz  

  50 mkWt/sm2 

  Instability of pulse, change volume of blood, arterial pressure, a spasm of peripheral vessels 

   10-100 Ggz 

  10 mWt/sm2 

  the Greatest influence on Central nerve-system, at long influence infringement regular functions of the supreme vegetative bodies  

  20 Ggz 

  100 mWt/sm2 

  the Painful threshold for skin receptors  

       The combined methods and means - of influence of separate components PPW for an organism of the person yield the most essential results.

       Joint application audio and video sygistiv which influences different touch channels and entering in a resonance with own frequency of a brain of the person strengthens perception(recognition) the person of the information. Not realized acoustic suggestion, operating on subconscious and accompanying visual, can modulate the attitude of the spectator to shown.

       There are the computer programs including sound and light influences for modeling various condition of consciousness: a mode of self-hypnosis on an alpha - waves 8 - 10Gz programming of subconscious (it is equivalent zombi) teta - waves 5-7Gz Sharing pharmacological and chemical means is applied to amplification psyho influences with wave fields of various type. The sound of the certain frequency, as well as electromagnetic radiations with the certain parameters, serves as the catalyst in a brain of the person accepting narcotic or psychotropic substances As combined PPW wave influences together with chemical substances which serve as directional markers of influence and focusing of a beam are used. Chemical substances reticently put on furniture, walls, a floor, subjects of a life, clothes and a body of the person in area hit bodies. The combined methods latent violent influence on psychophysical sphere of the person there is a great variety. Now communication means and technologies have received wide development, therefore opportunities PPW are boundless. It and a global network the Internet with continuously improved computer technologies and programs, and low-energy MICROWAVES radiations of space systems of communication with their opportunities of negative influence on people in any point of globe, is all extending export of food stuffs, the pharmacological preparations containing drugs and special chemical of substance, export of means of household chemical goods.

       Consequences of application PPW are:
      1. Mass psychophysical diseases down to "lethal" outcome.
      2. Creation of the obedient "mass" person by latent a violent manipulation his consciousness and behaviour.
      3 Ecological accident of a planet because of irreversible genetic mutations of the person and a nature owing to infringements at a gene level.

       The literature:

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